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holistic nutrition


nutritional services are not currently available.

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natural - alive - good quality foods

natural: unprocessed, unrefined food, like whole grains & legumes. 

alive: foods that still contain live enzymes, like fruits, vegetables & sprouts. 

good quality: foods grown in rich soil that gets the essential nutrients the food needs.

for thousands of years, Indigenous peoples have been leading experts in holistic nutrition. living in balance and good relationship with the land, Indigenous communities have held incredible knowledge of optimal food sources and preparation local to their traditional territories. traditional Indigenous foods are incredibly nutrient dense, offering healthy fats and micronutrients. these foods also have amazing healing properties.

this incredible Indigenous food knowledge has been disrupted by  many mechanisms of colonization, with traditional lifeways intentionally interrupted, food sources destroyed or disrupted, and policies and legislation that enforced Indigenous people's dependence on the colonial system for sustenance. this has given way to many diet-related health issues in our communities.

today, the rise of the industrial model of agriculture has disconnected all people, including Indigenous, on turtle island (North America) from the foods we have on our plates.


with capitalism as the driving force, food manufacturers have exploited this industry and taken full advantage of us, the consumers. markets are filled with artificial foods that we are led to believe have health benefits because they add nutrients back into the products that have been lost in processing. 

unprecedented levels of diseases are calling us to return to the natural, alive, good quality diets of our ancestors and urging us to eat off the land.

at maskihkiy, we acknowledge that wellness is holistic, and changing the foods we consume and the way we consume them improves our relationship with askiy (the earth), and helps restore our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits to optimal wellness.


our certified holistic nutritional consultant will work alongside you to support your optimal health. Bailey will provide accurate information about what we are taught in mainstream messaging, and support you in getting back to the basics where your body recognizes the foods you're consuming. Bailey will work with you to come up with a customized plan tailored to your specific desires, preferences, and family and financial considerations.

at maskihkiy, we believe that food is medicine. when we eat well, we activate our body's natural healing properties and nurture our whole being.

holistic nutrition services are not currently available, and will be offered through maskihkiy in fall 2020.

individual, group, online & phone consultations will be available.

please subscribe to our mailing list or check in on our website for updates regarding holistic nutrition services.

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