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ᒪᐢᑭᐦᑭᕀ maskihkiy

Cree (y) for medicine, maskihkiy focuses on supporting holistic wellness among individuals, families, communities, and organizations through Indigenous and land-based approaches.

at maskihkiy, we believe each person, each family, each community, has the medicine they need to live a good life. our team focuses on facilitating (re)connection with that medicine.

maskihkiy provides both consulting and educational/professional development services to individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and institutions. maskihkiy also provides holistic nutrition services by a certified holistic nutritional consultant.

psychotherapeutic and counselling services are not currently available, and will be provided at a future date. subscribe to our email list or check our website for updates regarding clinical services.

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maskihkiy wellness team


Karlee Fellner, PhD
Registered Provisional Psychologist

Founder & CEO, maskihkiy wellness
Consultant & Trainer

nevada head shot.jpg

Nevada Ouellette-Young Pine, BHSc
MEd Student
Counselling Psychology

Consultant & Trainer


Bailey Roose, CHNC
Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Nutritional Consultant

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