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ᒪᐢᑭᐦᑭᕀ maskihkiy

Cree (y) for medicine, maskihkiy focuses on supporting holistic wellness among individuals, families, communities, and organizations through Indigenous and land-based approaches. our services are centered in traditional values that support social and environmental justice.

at maskihkiy, we believe each person, each family, each community, has the medicine they need to live a good life. our team focuses on facilitating (re)connection with that medicine.

maskihkiy provides both consulting and educational/professional development services to individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and institutions. maskihkiy also offers opportunities to learn with and obtain support from kihtehayak (Elders). for more information, see elder services.

psychotherapeutic and counselling services, as well as holistic nutrition consultation, will be provided at a future date and are not currently available. subscribe to our email list or check our website for updates regarding clinical services.

community workshops & events

maskihkiy mondays! starting February 15, 2021

maskihkiy will be hosting monthly 2-hour zoom seminars featuring kihtehayak (Elders) sharing traditional teachings and wisdom to support personal, familial, and community wellness. maskihkiy mondays were initiated in recognition of the many difficulties and challenges people are facing at this time, and are thoughtfully designed to promote healing and wellness among attendees. all are welcome to register.


for more information about the upcoming session and the kihtehayah who is sharing this month, see the elder services page. these seminars are unfunded, with kihtehayak sharing out of their generosity and love for our communities. seminars are open to the public and in respecting traditional protocols, are pay-what-you-can with 100% of offerings going directly to the kihtehayah who is speaking that month. donation button found on the RSVP page. attendees are not required to donate to participate. please join us!

Indigenous Counselling & Trauma Work

our Summer 2020 Indigenous Counselling & Trauma Work workshop wrapped up August 6. we would like to thank all the participants for an engaging and fruitful course! announcements of future  workshops will take place on the website and email list serve, as well as instagram and facebook.

No upcoming events at the moment

maskihkiy wellness services

message from founder & CEO


Karlee Fellner, PhD

Founder & CEO, maskihkiy wellness
Registered Provisional Psychologist

tan'si & tawâw! welcome to maskihkiy wellness! as a Cree/Métis clinician, scholar, activist, and ceremonialist who has been formally working with Indigenous wellness for over 10 years, maskihkiy is my vision for one pathway to share this work more widely with communities. see my bio page for more information.

I am currently on maternity leave caring for my newborn son. while many of our services are currently on hold, I have arranged for some of my own kitehayak (Elders) and cultural mentors to share their wisdom with anyone who is interested in learning with them through our monthly maskihkiy mondays.

maskihkiy's full services will resume in late 2021. follow our webpage, newsletters, or social media for updates.

hay hay!

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