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support the maskihkiy community


maskihkiy wellness is committed to giving community members access to wellness services regardless of their financial circumstances.

if you would like to make an offering to support our community members, please click the Donate link on this page to donate through PayPal by credit card or PayPal account. etransfers can also be sent to when making your offering, we invite you to specify what you would like your offering to go towards. if not specified, your offering will be applied to a general fund to be used as needed.

funds are needed for those who can't afford supplies for relevant workshops (e.g., spirit doll making), funds to pay kihtehayak (elders) for elder services and maskihkiy mondays, a funding pot for those who cannot afford services that are not otherwise covered, and funds to support administrative costs (website costs, emailing, administrative support, etc.).


ultimately, maskihkiy also aims to have space to offer land-based services and face-to-face services. this requires a much larger pot of funding, and while maskihkiy team members are actively seeking grants, these are often very competitive and are not guaranteed.

if you or someone you know may be willing to support maskihkiy in obtaining land and/or space to provide services, please contact Dr. Karlee Fellner at


ay hay ! many thanks!

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