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ᒥᔪᑌᐦ miyotehiskwew art

~ weaving art medicine from dreams, stories, land, cultural teachings,

and personal & collective experiences ~

Dr. Karlee Fellner creates artwork primarily with acrylic paint and plant medicines, though she also creates digital pieces. Karlee began painting as a personal wellness practice, and expanded her art into professional pieces in 2019. Karlee's pieces continue to be central in her personal wellness, and are most often inspired by challenges she is facing along with the cultural teachings and land-based medicines that support her in healing through these difficulties. thus, Karlee's art brings together traditional and contemporary cultural teachings and medicines with the personal, ancestral, and collective trauma wisdom that emerges through difficulty. her artwork typically comes to her in dreams, meditation, prayer, and ceremony. Karlee's pieces incorporate imagery that represents Cree/Métis style beadwork interwoven with relationships with land, the cosmos, and all our relations.

Karlee's work exemplifies Indigenous survivance, and is created as an offering of visual medicine to her communities.

canvas prints, art prints, metal prints, posters, and merchandise are available to order internationally.

click the images below to see options, prices, and to order!

additional merchandise and household items are available through Redbubble & Fine Art America.

follow Karlee's instagram page & facebook for updates on new pieces.

email to inquire for commissions.

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