counselling & psychotherapy


counselling and psychotherapy is not currently available.

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at maskihkiy, our mental health service providers are trained in Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapy (IFOT) in addition to their  mainstream education in counselling and psychotherapy. IFOT is the only fully articulated Indigenous approach to therapy to date. IFOT was developed by Shirley Turcotte, and “broadens mainstream approaches to health and well-being, providing tools, practices, and approaches that are strength-based, culturally relevant, and historically sensitive” (Turcotte & Schiffer, 2014). IFOT applies Eugene Gendlin's body-centred focusing techniques using Indigenous perspectives that incorporate the whole person in-relation. For more information on IFOT, see Focusing Initiatives International.


our providers draw on expertise in IFOT and other therapeutic and land-based modalities to tailor counselling to what works best for you, the manitow (spirit). our kihtehayah (Elder) Wiisug Richard Wright (Leech Lake Anishinaabe) taught us that those who come to us for services are manitowak (spirit beings), just as we are. at maskihkiy, we follow our kihtehayah's teachings and intentionally move way from conventional Eurocentric language of clients or patients, as we understand that we are all in this human experience together.


at maskihkiy, we believe each manitow has the medicine they need to live a good life. our psychologists and counsellors support your (re)connection with that medicine.


psychological services are not currently provided, but will be offered through maskihkiy at a later date.

we will be providing individual, couples, and family counselling. please subscribe to our mailing list or check in on our website for updates regarding counselling and psychotherapy services.

for more information on our providers who will offer psychological services in the future, please click their personal pages below.